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What we do and who we are

Founded in 1998, we are a small and friendly club of caravan owners.

We are fully insured and members of A.C.C.E.O. 

At least six times a year we hold rallies somewhere in the UK, they may be near you or further afield for that holiday you had in mind.

We come from all walks of life with a variety of experiences, knowledge and outlooks and a common love of caravanning.

Join us for that glass of wine on a summers evening and get to know us.

Please come along, we'd love to meet you.

How to become a member of The Vanmaster Owners Club

Our yearly subscription is £12.

In the first instance contact the Secretary - - giving your model of caravan and your own details including your e-mail address and further information will be sent to you.

If you do join us you will receive a printed book of all the coming rallies, most of which the members can attend at discounted prices, and of course full access (via password) to the website.

Our President - Tommy Green

Tommy is our President and attends our AGM with his wife, Joyce, when he can.

Tommy is the previous owner of Vanmaster Caravans.

They quite often visit us for a day on one or more of our rallies.

Our Chairman - Jack Larbey

I have been married to Hazel since 1971 and been caravanning since 1978. We have owned a Monza, Abbey, Lynton, Elddis and Fleetwood before finally purchasing a Vanmaster in 2003. We have been members of the Club since 2004.

Due to my work commitments in the past, as a long distance HGV driver, I have been unable to attend many rallies, but manage to attend as many AGM's as we can.  I have now taken semi-retirement and hope to address this. You will be seeing a lot more of me on the rally field in the future.

In 2004 together with other caravanning couples we set up a Club called Sovereign Caravan Club which is still going from strength to strength. We have organised in excess of 50 rallies over the years ranging from 150 vans to small rallies of 5 or 6 including one in France.

Our Secretary - Kath Hardman

My working career has been predominantly secretarial to a variety of bosses, time spent in the WRAF was educational and very interesting then the career changed to include statistics, then logistics and inventory until redundancy arrived in 1995.

Married to Frank, who had two children, in 1970, we had two more children in 72 and 73, bought a tent in 1977, upgraded to a folding camper in 1985 and then our first caravan in 1996 which was a Coachman, we changed to a Lunar in 2001, a Bessacarr in 2002 and finally our Vanmaster in 2008.  Joined the VMOC in 2010 and have been increasing our rallying ever since. Due to circumstances, we no longer travel throughout Europe and plan to visit most, if not all, the rallies in the future as well as temporary holiday sites in UK.  

We have experienced caravanning as holiday couriers in France, campsite wardens on UK campsites and as customers of sites all over Europe on our travels since 2001.

Treasurer - Kevin Smith

I have been married to Jan for 35 years and have 3 grown up children. I am retired now and have plenty of time to attend rallies. I started caravanning about 1976 when I purchased a Sprite Major caravan. I travelled mainly to Cornwall and surrounding areas towing it with a Vauxhall VX4/90. In 1985 I bought a small 2 berth Sprite which we didn’t get to much use out of. I loaned it to our friends for several months, who had sold their house and used our caravan as a stop gap until they purchased their new house. 1991 we bought an Ace Jubilee Viceroy. In 1993 we bought a new Ace Jubilee Statesman our first new large twin axle caravan. We caravanned all year round for about 6 years, until our children began to request different holidays. A family vote was made to decide if we continue with the caravan or do something different. The vote was for a change. So the caravan holidays ceased. 1999 we bought a log cabin in Trawsfynned which we kept until 2003. 2004 we bought a new static caravan in Overstone Lakes Caravan Park, Ecton, Northampton which we kept for 3 years. Then it was back to normal package holidays which included taking our grandchildren with us. In June 2017 we bought our first Vanmaster Applause and began a new caravan journey after joining the Vanmaster Owners Club. We have made new friends and are looking forward to the future by attending all rallies.

Committe Member - Lynne Meatyard

I had never set foot in a caravan before I met David & now it seems I rarely step out of one ~ helping him run rallies for the past 50 years. We have covered most of England and a lot of Europe, seen wonderful sights & made wonderful friends.

I worked with special needs children until our son & daughter arrived in the early 70’s then once they were at school returned for a few years before 'care in the community' spurred me into a change.

My years in Ambulance Patient Transport were cut short by an injury, but as this coincided with David’s retirement we were able to travel further afield for longer.

Hopefully our experience will prove useful in my new position on the Vanmaster committee.

Committee Member - Hazel Larbey

We started caravanning in 1978 after borrowing a tent, which then led to the purchase of a large trailer tent and finally buying an old Monza. We gradually changed and updated our caravans until we purchased our first Vanmaster. Due to Jack’s unsocial working hours we did not manage to get out and about as much as we would have liked. In 2005 we sold our house in Northampton and lived in the caravan for 3 months then moved north. As the new house was not ready we went abroad with the caravan for 13 weeks so gained good use out of it travelling from Luxemburg through France and spending a month in Italy. Now Jack is semi-retired we go to France in the summer for a couple of months. In England we try to fit in as many rallies as we can.

My background working life started off in Solicitors offices doing secretarial work (audio typing). Whilst Jack was in the Army I worked for the MOD. When he left the Army I worked for Department for Trade and Industry in the Investigation Service as a personal secretary, followed by a Blue Chip company in HR. On the move to Scunthorpe I worked in Children’s Services of North Lincolnshire council, and finally at the Crematorium where I retired in 2013.

Committe Member - Frank Hardman